Author Guidelines


  • The text submitted by the author is the original scientific paper, has never been published, and is not being submitted for publication in  other media/journals
  • Scripts can be written either in Indonesian or in English, the manuscript is written with Garamond of font 12 with 1.5 spacing and one column format
  • The manuscript begins with abstract of 200-250 words written in Indonesian and English.
  • The English-language abstracts are typed Garamond with font of 12. Title, abstract, and keywords are written in Indonesian and English.
  • Abstracts should clearly indicate background of the problems, objectives, theories and methods, findings or novelty of ideas, and main conclusions.
  • The author's name is written without academic degrees. If a script is written by a team or more than one person, the editor will communicate only with the main author or the author whose name is listed in the first place.
  • Scripts are organized into five subheadings in the following order: (a) Introduction: includes problem identification, literature review, research objectives, as well as the benefits of the research, (b) Method: consists of the way the research is done and a description of the material, equipment, and procedures used in conducting the analysis or research, (c) Results and Discussion: describes the results of research or analysis and can be presented in sub-chapters, (d) Conclusion: written in the form of a summary and if necessary,  each paragraph containing conclusions of the research can be given serial numbers. (e) bibliography: Bibliography arranged alphabetically refers to the APA Style of Citation.
  • Use the Mendeley application to facilitate the inclusion of references
  • Technical of writing citations uses the enclosed reference technique (name, year). Reference using APA style or recommended using the Mendeley app
  • The article does not contain the results of plagiarism, falsification, and fabrication of data.