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The Progress: Journal of Language and Ethnicity is an academic publication by the Language Center of IAIN Kerinci that focuses on research related to language teaching, language development, linguistics, cultural and ethnic studies. Specifically, the journal focuses on language teaching and ethnic studies in local contexts. The journal welcomes submissions from scholars and researchers in various fields twice a year, in June and December. As an open-access journal, it provides free access to research for the public. Authors are required to carefully proofread and polish their papers before submitting, and follow the journal's writing format and style guidelines, which can be found on the journal's website. Using the journal paper template is encouraged to ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers that do not meet the journal's requirements will not be processed.

Publishing Open Access (OA) in The Progress: Journal of Language and Ethnicity means researchers benefit from:

(1) Increased citation and usage, (2) Greater public engagement, (3) Increase the visibility and readership of your research, (4) Wider collaboration, (5) Increased interdisciplinary conversation, (6) You(r) retain copyright, licensed under Creative Commons, (7) Promotion and publicity of quality research, (8) Avoiding duplication, and; (9) Comply with funder mandates.

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Original title  : The Progress: Journal of Language and Ethnicity
English title  : The Progress: Journal of Language and Ethnicity
Short title  : The Progress
Abbreviation  : JLE
Frequency  : 2 issues per year (July-December)
Number of articles per issue  :  research articles and reviews per issue
DOI  : https://doi.org/10.32939/jle.v1i2.1986
ISSN  : 2985-6558 (Online - Elektronik)
Editor-in-Chief  : Rodi Hartono (Dr)
Man- editor  : Riko Andrian (Dr)
Language  : English-Arabic
Citation Analysis  : Google Scholar
Subject Area; Category  : Language teaching and ethnic studies in local contexts
Publisher  :  Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kerinci