The Concept of Al-Poor According to the Qur'an Konsep Al-Miskin Menurut Al-Qur‘An

  • Iril Admizal IAIN Kerinci
Keywords: Al- Qur’an, Al- miskin, Isim Shifat Muybahan Tahsin, Metode Maudhui


In Arabic the word al-Miskin (المسكيه ) includes the isim shifat muybahan which comes from sin, kaf and nun ( س- ك - ن )  which means the opposite of the words shaking and motion, so the word sakana (سكه ) means silence or calm, or silence. not moving, or the stillness of something after moving, can also be interpreted to reside. While al-Miskin according to the term is a person who has nothing but will remain but still better than al-Fakir. The word al-miskin ( المسكيه ) and its derivation in the Qur'an is mentioned 25 times. 11 times in the mention of al-miskin ( المسكيه ) itself, in the mention of poor ( المسكيه ) it is called 12 times, and the mention of the word maskanah ( مسكنة ) is repeated 2 times. Surah ar-Rum verse 38. If humans know with certainty that everything is in the hands of Allah, and that it is He who determines the sustenance for His servants, if humans know this, of course he will become an angry person who likes do good to give some of their property that Allah swt gave to him, then Surah al-Balad verse 16. Maktabah is defined as the land has been destitute, so that sometimes the house has a dirt floor, and Surah al-Isra verse 26. Allah swt ordered His servants to give the rights of others from the property we have, starting from close relatives who are in difficulty in life (poverty), poor neighbors and people who deserve to receive infaq from our property.


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