Penerapan Teknologi Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Terhadap Peningkatan Efektivitas Pembelajaran Mahasiswa

  • Rahman Peliza IAIN Kerinci
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, students, academics, efficiency.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the fast-growing technology trends in recent years. AI has the potential to improve the quality of learning in a variety of ways, including more personal learning. AI can be used to group students according to their learning abilities and needs, thus providing more personalized learning and tailored to students' needs. The study aims to analyze the relationship between the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in student learning processes. This research focuses on identifying the use of AI in student learning, analyzing the effects of using AI on academic achievement, in the context of higher education, the application of AI cannot replace the role of the lecturer, but can be a powerful tool to support the learning process. Teachers remain critical in providing guidance, inspiration, and real experience to students, student engagement, and learning satisfaction. Research results show that the use of AI can make a positive contribution in improving learning effectiveness and learning satisfaction. In addition, AI technology can also create more active and interactive learning, as well as facilitate the task of educators and learners in the teaching learning process achieved.


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