Improving Arabic Language Learning At Elementary Level Through Creativity And Innovation At Sdit Insan Kamil Bandar Jaya Central Lampung

  • Nasrullah Nasrullah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro Lampung
Keywords: Arabic, learning, madrasah ibtidaiyah, methods, techniques


Learning Arabic at the elementary level, especially at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI), has a crucial role in forming the foundation of students' linguistic competence. Despite its importance, several challenges emerge, including low student interest, lack of innovation in teaching strategies, and limited resources. This article aims to provide a better understanding of the conditions of Arabic language learning at the elementary level, with a focus on SDIT Insan Kamil, as well as offering solutions to improve the quality of learning in the future. In exploring the concept of learning Arabic, the article discusses learning objectives, material content, and teaching strategies. The research method used is qualitative using library research and case studies at SDIT Insan Kamil. Through interviews, data was analyzed qualitatively, and the triangulation method was used to validate the research results. The success of Arabic language learning at MI level is recognized as an important factor, with teacher creativity and innovation being the main determinants. Creative learning strategies, such as the use of interactive media, language games, and group activities, are recognized as key elements in increasing student interest and participation. The article highlights the active and creative role of teachers in forming a conducive learning environment. Students' understanding and mastery of the material is identified as the key to success. Therefore, the need for teachers to create motivating and enriching learning experiences is the focus. It is hoped that a conducive learning environment can support students' development of Arabic at the elementary level. In order to improve Arabic language learning, the article summarizes the importance of creativity and innovation in teaching approaches. Understanding Arabic is not only a linguistic skill, but also a positive experience that motivates students to experience the joy of exploring the uniqueness and complexity of the language.


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