Pola Komunikasi Bestari Pertiwi Dalam Pembentukan Karakter Remaja Indonesia Berbasis Kearifan Lokal Di Yogyakarta

  • Etikasari Etikasari STAI Tebingtinggi Deli
  • Elismayanti Rambe STAIN Mandailing Natal
Keywords: Communication pattern; Bestari Pertiwi; Character formation; Local wisdom.


Bestari Pertiwi's communication patterns become real actions that can shape the character of Indonesian teenagers as intellectual and cultural agents of change based on local wisdom. The purpose of this research is to determine communication patterns in the program carried out by Bestari Pertiwi in Yogyakarta and to describe the character formation of teenagers with Bestari Pertiwi in Yogyakarta. This research was conducted using a direct qualitative approach. The results of this research are the communication patterns in the program implemented, including using multiple communication patterns for each division. The education division teaches reciting the Koran and playing games and introduces sharia-based technology. The environmental division creates unlimited creativity, including managing plastic waste into trash that can be used again. The health division teaches Bina Siwi orphanage children the correct way to brush their teeth and wash their hands to maintain cleanliness independently. Meanwhile, the economy markets products from the Bina Siwi orphanage and is successful in selling household necessities, clothing and so on made by orphanage children online and in the latest media. The character formation of teenagers is obtained by working together through teamwork and collaboration. Respect the process, have the courage to make decisions and bring good change to Indonesia through yourself, the smallest things and now.


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