Dinasti Fathimiyyah Di Mesir (909–1171 M) (Dinasti Syi’ah Ismailliyah)

  • Mami Nofrianti UIN Mahmud Yunus Batusangkar
  • Saadatul Maghfira UIN Mahmud Yunus Batusangkar


During the reign of the Abbasid dynasty, several small dynasties emerged whose existence was very important in the development of Islamic culture and civilization, including the existence of the Fatimid dynasty which was based in the Cairo area, Egypt. This dynasty experienced very rapid progress in various aspects of life, advances in science and even in the fields of politics, military, administration and economic stability. This dynasty, like the previous dynasty, after experiencing progress also experienced decline in the end after ruling for around 262 years with an area of ​​power stretching across Europe. The Fathimiyyah dynasty was a dynasty with the Ismailli Shiite ideology. This dynasty was founded as a rival to the rulers of the Abbasid dynasty at that time based in Baghdad.


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