Tradisi Pengobatan Tradisonal Etnomidisin (Kemenyan ) di Kerinci

  • Tedy Safrian IAIN Kerinci
  • Yedi Efendi IAIN Kerinci
  • Ravico IAIN Kerinci
  • Arki Auliahadi IAIN Kerinci
Keywords: Traditional medicine for the residents of Bunga Tanjung District. Kerinci.


Indonesia has around 25,000-30,000 plant species and is home to around 300-700 ethnic groups. These ethnic groups use it for various purposes, one of which is for healing purposes. The use of plants as medicinal ingredients is mostly passed down orally, making them vulnerable to degradation. Ethnomedicinal research is a method that can be used to document ethnic use of plants using scientifically acceptable research methods. This article aims to explain ethnomedicine treatments specifically in Bunga Tanjung Village and the research procedures. Ethnomedicine is the assumption and conception of ethnic/local residents in controlling health. Ethnonomic research can be tried using a citizen survey approach.


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