Sejarah dan Peran Perpustakaan Dalam Konteks Peradaban Islam dan di Indonesia

  • Fitri Handayani IAIN Kerinci
  • Aulia Dwinda Prayera IAIN Kerinci
  • Edi Safrul IAIN Kerinci


The role and function of libraries is very necessary in the development of knowledge for society and is a link between information sources and the knowledge contained in them and their users. Thus, this article was written with the aim of describing the development and role of libraries both in Islamic Civilization and in Indonesia using the library study method. The findings show the history of growth and development as well as the role of libraries in Islamic civilization during the classical period as a symbol of pride for the caliphs (power holders), namely in areas of Islamic rule, both in large and small cities. The role of libraries during the Islamic civilization era included: (1) Learning centers; (2) Research center. The role of libraries as research centers was more pronounced in the early days of Islamic civilization; (3) Translation center. Libraries during the heyday of Islam became a bridge for different cultures. One manifestation of this role is when many books or works written in Greek, Persian and other languages ​​are translated into Arabic. Meanwhile, the development and role of libraries in Indonesia has existed since the Majapahit era, which is then in line with the ups and downs of Indonesian history. The development of libraries during that period was marked by the existence of royal libraries which were cultivated in a more religious and feudalistic manner. During the Dutch colonial period, libraries were used as a vehicle for carrying out the occupation. The rapid development of libraries in Indonesia occurred during the Japanese era. Then, several years after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, libraries in Indonesia experienced gradual development. During the New Order era, library construction was one of the sub-developments contained in REPELITA (Indonesia's Next 5 Year Development Plan).


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