Women's Empowerment Behind Rahmah El-Yunusiah's Education System

  • Nilma Yola UIN Imam Bonjol Padang
  • Nurharisyah Hasibuan UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Ad-Darry Padangsidimpuan
Keywords: Education System; Women empowerment; Rahmah El-Yunusiyah


. This paper examines Rahmah El-Yunusiah, a female figure in the field of education in Minangkabau. The purpose of this research is to see the forms of women's empowerment found in the education system at Diniyyah Puteri which Rahmah El-Yunusiyah. The problem formulations in this writing are 1). How is the form of education system taught by Rahmah in Diniyyah Putri Padang Panjang? 2). How is the form of women's empowerment carried out by Rahmah El-Yunusiyah? This research uses a qualitative method with a literature study approach. The results of this study are: the education system built by Rahmah El Yunusiyah at Diniyyah Puteri is social education, financial and time discipline, farming, cooking, sewing and cutting, preaching, simple life, entrepreneurship, cooperatives and art. The forms of women's empowerment behind the education system are 1). Strengthening the role of women 2). Institutional strengthening, 3). Assistance to women 4). Human resource development for Diniyyah Puteri students. The education built by Rahmah El-Yunusiyah raised the status of Minangkabau women to be able to obtain equality rights, widening access and opportunities for women in society.  


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